Let's  “Move it for Mental health 2023 challenge"!

Ready for challenging to complete 30km (or more!) in nature? Just walk, run or hike in either one go or by accumulating 30km within March and get a chance to win a gift from lululemon, organised by MindHK.

It’s time to head out into nature, explore our beautiful city, and move it for mental health!

And it's FREE!!!

Registration period: February 6 - March 12, 2023
Challenge period: March 1 - 31, 2023

How to take part
Step 1: Sign up for “Move It for Mental Health 2023”.   

Step 2: Participants may use Run2gather or any designated apps to track your activity record (photo or screenshot). Click here to view the list of designated apps.   

Step 3: Participants who complete the challenge (30km or above within the event period) and upload activity records successfully.


If you cannot attend or simply want to do more, welcome to be SENPHA's supporter and make us a small donation to support our work here.

*SENPHA is a recognised charitable institution under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (91/14267). Official receipts will be provided for donations over HKD100 for tax exemption. For fundraising enquiries, please contact Dona at info@senpha.org. 

為精神健康Move It 2023

準備好挑戰在大自然裡完成30公里的戶外運動嗎? 參加者只需在3月內完成一次或多次累積30公里或以上的步行、跑步或遠足,便可參與MindHK籌劃的挑戰並有機會贏得lululemon送出的禮物。

是時候走進戶外、探索香港,為精神健康 Move It 了!




1: 報名參與「為精神健康 Move It 2023」。 

2:參加者可使用 Run2gather 或其他應用程式追蹤紀錄(圖片或截圖皆可)。請按此瀏覽可使用的應用程式名單。 

3:完成目標(於三月內完成 30 公里戶外運動)並成功上載記錄。



*心福慈善屬於《稅務條例》第88條豁免繳稅的認可慈善機構 (91/14267)。超過一百元港幣的捐款可獲正式收據,以作繳稅豁免用途。如欲查詢捐款相關事宜,歡迎電郵至 info@senpha.org 聯絡Dona。


日期:2023.01.29 初八

時間:12:00 - 18:00





受惠機構:中華基督教青年會名單的獨居長者及有需要的基層家庭, 讓他們有一個清潔及舒適環境生活。

School life finally resumes, hurray!!

But the pandemic is still there...

So remember to keep using a clean mask and do quick COVID-test daily~

Thank you for your  enthusiastic support (registration ended). 

All SENPHA’s masks and rapid test kits had been delivered!

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